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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q. “My air conditioner doesn’t seem as cold as it used to be”

A. In most cases the coil is probably dirty – especially if it has never been cleaned. You will find after a Hygienik Air Conditioner Treatment that the temperature will pull down a couple of degrees saving on energy costs.

Q. “My air conditioner isn’t blowing as hard as it used to”

A. In this case it is probably very dirty and therefore the air flow is restricted. Once the blower fan (drum) has been properly cleaned the airflow will increase significantly. The drum has up to 400 small fan blades on it and once the leading edge of each blade gets a build up of dirt it simply becomes inefficient.

Q. “My air conditioner rattles when I turn it on!”

A. Generally this is due to the blower fan (drum) being out of balance. A build up of contaminants on the drum would possibly be the cause and a clean will fix the problem.

Q. “My air conditioner smells when I turn it on!”

A. A smelly air conditioner is a “dirty air conditioner. A proper service and clean will rectify the problem. Hygienik’s cleaning and sanitization process will ensure a clean airflow.